Monday, November 10, 2008

Amazing Artist Alicia Bock

I love, love, love this woman's work. I have been window shopping in her etsy store for a while and I just can't figure out which print (s) that I love the most. Before you click on the link, I must warn you, you will be HOOKED.

Her blog

Her etsy store

Thursday, November 06, 2008


ok, until recently my idea of giving Jamie freedom of expression was to put together a weeks worth of outfits and every evening he chose which one to wear the following day. I thought this was such a great idea because he had some say in what he was wearing but he wasn't going to school looking like his father dressed him (cheap shot, sorry).
Well, every evening he would tell me he didn't want to wear any of the outfits that I picked out because they all matched. He wanted to wear clothes that don't match and when I told him that he HAS to match when he goes to school he, of course, asked "why??".


Because I want you to look your best??
Because the other kids will pick on you if you're mismatched??
Because your teacher will think your father dressed you?? (Couldn't resist)
Because I care more about what the teachers and other parents will think of me and my ability to make you look stylish that I do about your comfort and independence??

Needless to say, Jamie now chooses his own outfits. He asks he if it's shorts or pants weather and goes from there. As you can see from the pic he doesn't ask about the shirt.

I didn't get a pic yesterday, I was too busy trying not to giggle at his gray, cream and yellow striped shirt and his blue, red and cream PLAID shorts. Hey, at least they both had cream in them!

Here's today, not bad until you remember that the high today is 75 degrees.

I think he is wonderful and creative and I hope that the teachers, parents and other kids realize this as well. If not, it's their loss.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jim the mechanic

We've all heard people say that we can't give tax credits to people who haven't "earned" them. We've heard that doing so will take away the incentive to "work hard" to achieve the "American Dream". Everyone knows about Joe the plumber, the guy who is reluctant to purchase a business because under Obama's economic plan, he would have to pay higher taxes on his projected $250,000 annual profit.

But have you heard of Jim the mechanic? No? Let me tell you a little about him. He has a wife and four kids. Jim has been a mechanic for 20 years, straight out of high school. Of course, "wrenching" was easier for him back then and he didn't have a family to support. It's a physically exhausting and mentally challenging job. He's getting older and starting to feel it. His hip hurts every single day and he's developing a limp from standing and laying on concrete all day. Jim leaves for work every day at 7 am and comes home at 7pm, just in time to read his kids a story and tuck them into bed. He doesn't want to work this hard, he has to. He has no other choice, believe me he has tried to find another profession but where else can he make $50k a year without a college education? But, how will he do this when he's 50? 60?

Jim's wife stays at home to take care of their children. It's a priority to them that they are the ones raising their children not a stranger in a day care. Besides, after paying for day care, gas, and all the other expenses that go along with working outside the home her paycheck wouldn't amount to much. She goes to college full time, taking online and evening classes. This will ensure that when she goes to work in a few years it won't be for $7 an hour. It's not easy juggling school and family especially because Jim is at work so many hours a day. But this is how it is and they both deal with it the best they can.

As I am sure that you know, $50,000 per year doesn't go very far when you have four children. Money is tight and they live paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes they have to use credit cards to pay bills or buy groceries. They rarely dine out and have few unnecessary expenses.

Fortunately, the state that they live in offers health insurance for children in lower middle class families. Their premium is $100 a year. (Thanks for spreading the wealth). Unfortunately, the state they live in does not offer insurance for adults in lower middle class families, so Jim's wife has no health insurance. Because of this she rarely goes to the doctor and often just tries to push any physical concerns she may have out of her mind.

Jim gets most of the income tax that he has paid throughout the year back after filing his taxes. This means that he is one of those people who pay little or no income tax. You know the ones haven't "earned" a tax credit. When they get that money back after filing taxes you would think that they could start a college fund, retirement fund, maybe even have a savings account with more than $100 in it. But, alas, Jim usually has to pay his property tax and over due bills with that money.

I think that Jim and his wife are working hard for what they have, a tax credit isn't their incentive, their family is. Tax credit or not, they are going to continue to do their best with what they have.

So, please don't expect Jim or his wife console you when you call them about your stock portfolio. They are too concerned with how they are going to buy groceries this week.

By the way, Joe the Plumber, paying taxes on $250,000 per year doesn't sound too bad to me.

Monday, September 29, 2008

New Blogs

Hey there, if you are looking for my mosaics or wall art decals, sorry but you are in the wrong place.

I created new blogs to keep business business and personal life personal.
So if you want to see my latests mosaics visit

and if you want to check out great decal wall art visit

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The most patient dog!

Poor Boomer! He has been such a good dog for our family! He has put up with so much from our kids. We just love him so much!! Even though he won't admit it, even James loves the dog. Here's why we think he is the best dog ever!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mosaic Stained Glass Window

I finally finished the window that I have been working on. Wow, it took along time! But I am so happy with the way it turned out! Check it out!

Monday, May 26, 2008


The Etsy Mosaic Artists Street Team is gearing up for our next group sale! Set to start on May 26th, EMA artists will be running specials in their shops that will range from discounted items to free shipping to free gift with purchase and more.

I have lowered the price of all my mosaic art 20%. Each member sets their own sale, so be sure to go from EMA shop to EMA shop and check out all of the great deals.

Go to and search the phrase "ema team" in the Etsy search box and you will pull up all of our members artwork.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guilted once again

Once again, Tyra has guilted me into posting on my blog. For the record, I think I told you when I started this thing that I wouldn't be great at remembering to post!!!!

Well, Kortney came to visit for a week. I was hoping it would last longer. She is taking classes to get her GED and is planning on attending OCC in the fall.

Jamie has another ear and sinus infection. He's on three medications for three weeks to "beat it out of his system" and hopefully it will be over, he has been sick most of the winter. he took another nationwide reading test and is reading at a third grade level. What a smarty pants!!

Mike is also doing well in school. He is tutoring sixth graders in one class and other eighth graders in another. Just adding on to things that will look great on his college applications. The JV football team starts working out in the weight room this week and believe it or not he is thinking about NOT PLAYING FOOTBALL!!!!!!! I never thought I would see the day! We'll have to wait and see if he changes his mind.

Elijah is getting so BIG!! He isn't very interested in walking but LOVES getting into things he's not supposed to. He's just about the cutest thing you have ever seen at the beach, crawling around!!

Speaking of the beach, we went today because it has been 65 to 75 degrees here for over a week. This is our kind of winter! Planting our peas tomorrow.

James is doing well, likes his job most of the time. I am still liking school but ready for it to be over.

I have Shingles. It SUCKS!!! I am so sore most of the time. My doctor said on Thursday that the medication she gave me would relieve the symptoms in 24 hours but I am still suffering. I can't wait for them to be gone!!!

That's more than enough for now. If you want I will promise to post more often but it may be a lie!!! Enjoy the pics!