Monday, November 10, 2008

Amazing Artist Alicia Bock

I love, love, love this woman's work. I have been window shopping in her etsy store for a while and I just can't figure out which print (s) that I love the most. Before you click on the link, I must warn you, you will be HOOKED.

Her blog

Her etsy store

Thursday, November 06, 2008


ok, until recently my idea of giving Jamie freedom of expression was to put together a weeks worth of outfits and every evening he chose which one to wear the following day. I thought this was such a great idea because he had some say in what he was wearing but he wasn't going to school looking like his father dressed him (cheap shot, sorry).
Well, every evening he would tell me he didn't want to wear any of the outfits that I picked out because they all matched. He wanted to wear clothes that don't match and when I told him that he HAS to match when he goes to school he, of course, asked "why??".


Because I want you to look your best??
Because the other kids will pick on you if you're mismatched??
Because your teacher will think your father dressed you?? (Couldn't resist)
Because I care more about what the teachers and other parents will think of me and my ability to make you look stylish that I do about your comfort and independence??

Needless to say, Jamie now chooses his own outfits. He asks he if it's shorts or pants weather and goes from there. As you can see from the pic he doesn't ask about the shirt.

I didn't get a pic yesterday, I was too busy trying not to giggle at his gray, cream and yellow striped shirt and his blue, red and cream PLAID shorts. Hey, at least they both had cream in them!

Here's today, not bad until you remember that the high today is 75 degrees.

I think he is wonderful and creative and I hope that the teachers, parents and other kids realize this as well. If not, it's their loss.