Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guilted once again

Once again, Tyra has guilted me into posting on my blog. For the record, I think I told you when I started this thing that I wouldn't be great at remembering to post!!!!

Well, Kortney came to visit for a week. I was hoping it would last longer. She is taking classes to get her GED and is planning on attending OCC in the fall.

Jamie has another ear and sinus infection. He's on three medications for three weeks to "beat it out of his system" and hopefully it will be over, he has been sick most of the winter. he took another nationwide reading test and is reading at a third grade level. What a smarty pants!!

Mike is also doing well in school. He is tutoring sixth graders in one class and other eighth graders in another. Just adding on to things that will look great on his college applications. The JV football team starts working out in the weight room this week and believe it or not he is thinking about NOT PLAYING FOOTBALL!!!!!!! I never thought I would see the day! We'll have to wait and see if he changes his mind.

Elijah is getting so BIG!! He isn't very interested in walking but LOVES getting into things he's not supposed to. He's just about the cutest thing you have ever seen at the beach, crawling around!!

Speaking of the beach, we went today because it has been 65 to 75 degrees here for over a week. This is our kind of winter! Planting our peas tomorrow.

James is doing well, likes his job most of the time. I am still liking school but ready for it to be over.

I have Shingles. It SUCKS!!! I am so sore most of the time. My doctor said on Thursday that the medication she gave me would relieve the symptoms in 24 hours but I am still suffering. I can't wait for them to be gone!!!

That's more than enough for now. If you want I will promise to post more often but it may be a lie!!! Enjoy the pics!