Thursday, March 12, 2009


Hello all! Just found a couple of seconds (literally) to post a bit about what we've been up to before making dinner and running to Jamie's soccer practice. Ok, while typing that very short sentence I had to check on the boys twice because I didn't like the sounds coming from the living room. The sound of the glass doors on the hutch being slammed bothers me for some reason :)

Well, now you know that Jamie is playing soccer again. He's really improving! At last weeks game he actually kicked the ball! That's a big improvement from standing in one spot the whole game. He still skips around the field but it's so stinking cute that we don't mind. He's also in gymnastics. He is loving it and he smiles the entire time! His class is making a Living Wax Museum, more on that in a couple weeks, I don't want to give away his character. I will tell you that his costume came today (no, I don't think we were supposed to buy costumes but I couldn't resist) and it is THE CUTEST!

Mikey is in track now. He has a meet this afternoon. He's doing really well especially considering this is his first season. He's grow about a foot in the last couple months. I swear every morning he comes out if his room and he's taller than he was the night before. He's making good grades (of course) and still reading all the time.

Kortney is taking classes at the community college. She also is working there. Her job is to go to class with a disabled man and help him with notes and things like that. It's a great job for her because she wants to work with handicapped kids when she finishes school. Soon, the putt-putt place will open and she will be spending all her time serving up cones at the beach!

Elijah has been practicing for auditions for Nemo 2, he's pretty good and I am sure he can land this roll
Just kidding, he says NO a lot more than he says Mine. He's still cute and getting bigger and smarter every single day. We were on a waiting list for HUMC preschool and we got the call yesterday that he is IN! He starts in September. I can't believe that my baby is big enough to go to preschool!

James has been going back and forth to Goldsboro to school all this week. At the end of the month he's going to Jacksonville, Florida for a week for school. I keep trying to talk him into taking me with him, the kids would be fine, don't ya think??? You're right, I guess I am staying here. Yesterday was his dad's birthday and James was really bummed after getting off the phone with him. He misses his parents a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if one days he said "babe I want to go back to NY".

I have been busy as usual with school and work and everything else. Down to one class now. That's a relief. My store has been so busy I have a hard time keeping up with the orders but I am not complaining! The extra money has been very helpful. You know for things like gymnastics and soccer and track uniforms etc etc etc.

Gotta run, Eli is beating up Jamie!!

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